February 8, 2015

Filming an International Millinery Conference in the Smokey Mountains!

"Milliner: a person who designs, makes, or sells women's hats"

In this day and age, few people know the meaning of the word Milliner.
But thanks to a committed group of artists world wide,
and fashion forward people like Princess Kate,
this creative art form of hat making continues and is flourishing!

So when our friend and Milliner Extraordinaire,
Jan of aMuse asked us to film the 
International Millinery Conference
she and her team were planning,
we were delighted!!! 

Held in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee
at the Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts,
this "Millinery Meet Up"
hosted an International group of milliners who
gathered to learn from renowned instructors 
from the US, Ireland and the Netherlands!

And in between shooting sessions, 
we took in all the local "ambiance"!!!
Nothing like Gatlinburg Fall Event Design!!! 

...and you don't visit Gatlinburg 
without eating breakfast at
The Pancake Pantry!

We were able to shoot so much eye candy that we could
hardly wait to create the Video Montage 
of this inspiring, interesting, 
and creative event!...


CLICK the photo above for our Video coverage of 
the highlights of their 5 day adventure!

Videography is a passion of ours!
It is so fulfilling to be able
to capture an experience and
retell the story with beautiful images and music -
allowing memories to last long
beyond the moment! 
The Divas 


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djames6 said...

Very nice!!Great job Divas.

djames6 said...

Very Nice!! Great job Divas!!