February 5, 2009

The Dessert Divas Live on Z107.5 & Jammin 99

We Divas often "rock out" and "car dance" to Jammin 99 (Deborah knows all the "good" music!) so it was a lot of fun when Josh Lee at Sunrise Broadcasting contacted us to be a part of their "Discount Dining Deals" to sell our cakes on the air.


Live with Foz & Tina!


On Thursday, February 5 The Dessert Divas went "live" with Foz & Tina of Z107.5, and Stan of Jammin 99. We had brought samples of our desserts for all the crew at Sunrise the week before, so by the time we went on the air, Foz said he wanted to move in with us, and Tina said she had looked forward more to our coming than to her date the night before! It is amazing the effect caused by some really good chocolate cake and a little silky buttercream frosting!

February 4, 2009

From The Dessert Divas Family Album

Who are The Dessert Divas?
We are a family consisting of Three "Divas," Deborah, Rebekah & Jennifer, and Jennifer's "Divette," Eve, and her "Divo," Stephen. Both Stephen and Eve love our family being in the dessert business. They are the only preschoolers we know who ask for "ganache" after dinner!

We live in a 1913 bungalow near downtown Wilmington, NC. Having always lived in the suburbs of Atlanta, now living in the heart of the city is an adventure to us! We are only minutes from The Cape Fear Riverwalk, and there is always something happening downtown!

We have had our kitchen certified by the state of North Carolina so we are able to do some of our labor intensive work from home. And for our large orders, a commercial kitchen is available for us to rent. In this way we are able to deliver desserts from our home to yours.

Living in Wilmington is a real advantage for us in our business as it is a wonderful place to celebrate any special occasion. We have been told it is one of the top ten wedding destination places in the United States.

Christmas 2008

This is what The Dessert Divas call a "love sandwich!"

Because we work together as a family, we are often asked if we "get along" with each other. To be honest, we do! In our line of work we pull some "all nighters," more than any of us did in college, so having been tested and tried under the pressure of "on time wedding cake delivery", we believe we can work together under any circumstances!

When you call our home to place an order, (910) 399-6276, you may get our specially equipped answering service
(or so he likes to think!).

Winter in Wilmington

Even cakes change with the seasons.

This winter, for a couple to celebrate their December wedding anniversary, we were able to do a reproduction of their original "snow flake covered" wedding cake topper.

Winter White Wedding Cake

Friends of ours in the wedding business said our "Winter White Wedding Cake" was not only beautiful but the best wedding cake they had ever eaten! Not only was this very encouraging, but it motivates us as we always try to improve our recipes and decor with each cake we bake and decorate.

Every where we look we "see" cakes!

Imagine our surprise when we woke up one morning to discover our little bungalow had been "frosted" with snow!

The frozen fountain of Parkside at Mayfaire made us wonder how we can translate such beauty into a cake!

"Divas" Know How to Party!

Diva: ‘di-va, n. A woman of rare, outstanding talent. a. Fine lady.

In the last few months we have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful, interesting and creative women. So in December we thought it would be fun to “warm our new home” during the holiday season by having them over for a "Diva" Christmas Gift Exchange Party (i.e. a little friendly competition over gifts!) Everyone brought appetizers or wine and, of course, we provided a sampling of our Holiday Special Desserts.

"Dancing Divas Pajama Party"
Everyone had such a good time meeting new friends, that we were asked to do it again. So in January we threw a "Dancing Divas" pajama party! By then we had met even more "divas" to invite and more new desserts to try! These fellow "divas" are great taste testers!

February 3, 2009

Wine Tasting

In January, we participated in a Wine Tasting. We featured two of our cakes, a chocolate cake with Italian buttercream frosting, decorated with an architectural inspired design made of royal icing, and a coconut infused cake with fluffy frosting decorated with hand made sugarpaste calla lilies.

Deborah has created an innovative and unique approach to cake decorating by designing a pattern and, with royal icing, creating a sugar structure that she then places on top of the silky buttercream frosting. Here it is shown in an architectural inspired design.

We received rave reviews from the guests and our most appreciated response was when they kept coming back for more!

We love our job!!! And yes, we eat cake everyday, not only because of the necessity of taste testing, but also because we only sell desserts we can't live without ourselves!

"Sweet & Sassy"

We love our partnership with Connie Gattis of Mayfaire's "Sweet & Sassy." If you look in the parking lot behind Main Street, you will see a long pink limo very similar to the one we designed and hand painted for the birthday cake of Marissa's "Limo" themed birthday party.

February 2, 2009

The Dessert Divas

We are a team of a mother and two daughters, Deborah, Rebekah, and Jennifer, who design and bake delicious cakes, cupcakes, and more. They are beautifully presented and delivered to your home, office or event site.

We create desserts for all occasions, weddings, birthdays, baby or bridal showers, or any day you want to make special. We would love to make your day a sweet success!

We would love to talk with you about your next event. Please call us at (910)399-6276 or Email us at thedessertdivas@aol.com.

Designing Desserts

This beautiful and delectable creation was designed for Alena, a birthday princess who was able to remove the "Sugar Tiara," designed and created by Deborah, and keep it as a memory of a very special day with her mother and her friends.

Each dessert begins with a design uniquely created for you and your event.

This cake was made for Gabrielle, a little girl who loves all things fashionable and pink. After the cake was cut, each girl at the party was able to take home one of the "sugar icing rings" that we handcrafted to decorate this cake.