May 19, 2009

What Do The Dessert Divas and Tyler Hansbrough Have In Common?

Love for that chocolate cake frosted in Carolina Blue!

Melissa called The Dessert Divas with a unique request! Could we assist her as she and her husband Jay hosted a "clandestine" poolside barbecue at their home for the Senior members of the
UNC Basketball National Championship Team!

When Melissa asked us for the dessert for this pre-game party, we knew we had to come up with something great to celebrate this championship team! We did our chocolate cake covered with our signature Italian buttercream frosting--but this time the frosting was colored Carolina Blue. Deborah used royal icing to make the UNC logo appliques and the cake design was a crowd pleaser!

According to the guys, the cake was a hit!

Jack took a second piece for the van ride to the game and...

... he gave us a thumbs up during the game!

May 18, 2009

The Journey of a Wedding Cake!

It all begins in the mind of a bride and it is our joy to bring her dream into reality. Here is this journey in pictures!

We begin with our delicious cake, rich in flavor and light in taste, baked from "scratch" with only the finest ingredients. Then it is frosted with our signature Italian Buttercream Frosting, silky perfection that is not too sweet.

Having chosen not to cover our cakes in fondant, we have had the challenge of achieving the polished finish we want when using this type of light, whipped frosting. Rebekah has mastered a finishing technique that has achieved what we hoped!

In this stage, the first of the decor is applied. For this bride, it begins with a mango colored fondant ribbon and pastry bag applied dots. The finishing touch is to arrange and place the gerber daisies.

The end of the journey for the cake and the beginning of the CELEBRATION for the Bride and Groom!

And The Dessert Divas Delivery Crew celebrate a successful set up!