May 19, 2009

What Do The Dessert Divas and Tyler Hansbrough Have In Common?

Love for that chocolate cake frosted in Carolina Blue!

Melissa called The Dessert Divas with a unique request! Could we assist her as she and her husband Jay hosted a "clandestine" poolside barbecue at their home for the Senior members of the
UNC Basketball National Championship Team!

When Melissa asked us for the dessert for this pre-game party, we knew we had to come up with something great to celebrate this championship team! We did our chocolate cake covered with our signature Italian buttercream frosting--but this time the frosting was colored Carolina Blue. Deborah used royal icing to make the UNC logo appliques and the cake design was a crowd pleaser!

According to the guys, the cake was a hit!

Jack took a second piece for the van ride to the game and...

... he gave us a thumbs up during the game!

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