July 1, 2014

Hanging With The Houghs - Derek & Julianne, That Is!!!

Yes, that is Diva #3 (Jennifer) in Derek Hough's arms!!!
How did that happen?...well, here's the whole story...

While acting as an extra on the set of Safe Haven, 
Jennifer met and talked with the film's star, Julianne Hough -
and just fell in love with her!
Jennifer was thrilled because we had been following Julianne
and her brother Derek's dancing careers
since they first appeared on Dancing With The Stars!

When Diva #1 (Deborah) & Diva #2 (Rebekah) heard that
Julianne and Derek's "Move Live Tour" was coming to Raleigh,
they decided to go all out and surprise Jennifer 
with her birthday, Christmas, and all other Holiday gifts
- a VIP ticket to not only see Derek & Julianne's show,

 but to have a photo op with them - 
as well as a Q&A time.

When Jennifer had been on set with Julianne,
she told her about our family business and offered to do a cake for her.
But because of their schedules, Jennifer was not able to get
Julianne's Diva Cake to her before she left town.
So when we gave Jennifer her very special gift,
we decided to bring them that Diva Cake while at the show!!!

So on Sunday, June 29,
with a Chocolate Praline Ganache cake on ice,
we three headed to Raleigh!!!

Jennifer practicing her selfie skills just in case!!!

Jennifer making friends in her VIP section!!!...

...and for those of us in the cheap seats,
we had a real surprise!!! -
Our good friends Lisa and her sister Laura had let
DPAC's computer select their seats before
we ordered ours.  We did the same.
And on the night of the show, we arrived separately,
 only hoping to wave at each other across the crowd.
BUT the computer had assigned seats for the two of us
directly in front of the two of them!!!
What are the odds!!!
- one of those wonderful "Whoa!!!" moments!!!
We had a blast dancing & hoopin it up together!!! 

The show was fabulous!!!
 And how much fun to watch, live, 
so many of Derek & Julianne's signature moves 
and dances we have loved watching on TV!!!

Show over - time to prepare for the photo op -
reapply the Diva Red Lipstick...

...& loosen up with some dance moves of her own!!! ;););)

Yes, ladies, some dreams do come true!!!
Julianne remembered Jennifer and it was like seeing a good friend again...
and when Derek picked her up...well...
(And just to ensure she was really THAT special,
Jennifer spent her Monday off perusing SmugMug,
looking at all the other concert photo op pics to make sure that,
 yes, she was the ONLY one in Derek's arms!!! ;););)

In the Q&A time, after the photo op, Jennifer said it was wonderful
to learn more about Derek & Julianne personally.
They were so warm and kind and interactive.
Because there were 100 people in the VIP group,
with questions limited to only 15,
Jennifer made sure to shoot her arm up to be seen from the back row!
When Julianne called on her -"Hey, Southport!" - Jennifer
was able to tell them that she had brought them a Diva cake!
Derek grabbed Julianne and pretended to bring the
meeting to a close so he could go get the cake -
and the crowd cheered!!!

So after the concert, Jennifer was able to introduce
"the other two Divas"...

...and give her the cake...

...to which she exclaimed, "No s---!!!"
- and then quickly apologized -
but it just cracked us up!!! ;););)

Julianne asked for a photo with the cake...

...and then requested... "Silly Face"!!!

What a perfect end to a perfect day!!!

During the concert, Derek & Julianne encouraged everyone to MOVE!!!

The VIDEO BELOW proves that we were taking their advice
during the show
& long before..

Part I - Watch for Jennifer waving her arms and cheering madly
as Derek walks by her to select a partner from the crowd to dance with him
OK, he didn't pick her, but no hard feelings - he chose well!!!
Part II - Watch little Eve & Stephen, another brother/sister 
dancing duo, strut their stuff. 

Part III - Eve learning from the best - her Mama - 
while they dance to a song of one of our favorite Julianne dances !!! ;););)


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June 22, 2014

"Just be careful these Divas will melt your heart and become a part of your family." - Foz & Tamara -------- Wedding Planning & Beyond!!! - Part I ---------

We recently received this Review on Wedding Wire from this very special Bride & Groom of ours...

"On Monday June 23 I will be happily married for 2 years however it feels like yesterday . The divas have a way of making dreams come true !! With bright red lips, whole hearted smiles and a whimsical outlook these gals can do it all! The more of a challenge the more amazing the event .. Everyone is still talking about my Hollywood glam wedding . It was academy award winning . Just be careful these divas will also melt your heart and become a part of your family . Their passion is contagious!!" 

When meeting with a Bride & Groom for the first time, we never know what is ahead ...but with Foz & Tamara...well, we really have to start back with a radio interview we did with Foz, long before Tamara was in the picture...

Foz is a local radio DJ celebrity who interviewed us
in 2008 when we started our business as
"The Dessert Divas."

And who knew that the radio interview would be 
the beginning of a wonderful friendship & working relationship 
which included Rebekah & Jennifer MCing with Foz 
for some fashion/wedding events around Wilmington!!! 

 So we were thrilled when Foz called with the news he was engaged
and asked us to help them with their wedding!!!

We fell in love with Tamara from Day One!

And from that very first planning meeting - which included 
Tamara's mother, Val, and Foz's mother & brother, Patty & Jeff, 
we knew we were in for a great time!!!
(And it didn't take us long to win over Val, despite the fact that 
when Tamara asked her to attend the meeting with
"The Divas," her response was, "Divas, my ass"!!!  
We have been laughing about that ever since!!! ;););)

photo by Belinda Keller Photography
So from that day on, with Video cameras in hand,
we Divas became a fixture at every special event 
in Foz & Tamara's lives, 
beginning with their engagement photo shoot ...

photo by Belinda Keller Photography

...to what was a very happy "cart before the horse" event...
their Baby Gender Reveal Party!!!...

 to watch this video as Foz & Tamara find out exactly 
who was on the way - "Maxim" or  "Misha Jo" !!!

...and as the Wedding Planning continued...

...the meetings got even more fun as we discovered - Foz is a great chef!!!
One meeting resulted in this "Top Omelette Chef" competition
between Foz & Rebekah!!!
CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE to see who won!!!

In the midst of all the fun, we did get some Wedding planning done!!!
Foz & Tamara wanted to have a glamorous Hollywood style Wedding 
with the Ceremony to be on the USS North Carolina Battleship, 
where Foz proposed to Tamara,
and their Wedding Reception to be held under a double peaked tent
on the Cape Fear River front property next to the ship.

photo by Belinda Keller Photography

This is the sugar paste Battleship we created to top
their Rehearsal Dinner Cake, 
including a tiny table set for a gourmet meal
just like when Foz proposed!

photo by Belinda Keller Photography

...Stay Tuned for Part II
Foz & Tamara's glamorous Hollywood Style Wedding!!!

(910) 399-6276
Deborah Place, Rebekah Hinkle & Jennifer Mattis

June 21, 2014

An Old Hollywood Style Wedding on a WWII Battleship, The USS North Carolina - Part II

 Looking like Hollywood stars themselves, 
Foz & Tamara held their Wedding Ceremony on
a WWII Battleship, the USS North Carolina. 
  It was the perfect environment
 for their Old Hollywood Style Wedding! 

All photos by Belinda Keller Photography

On their Wedding Day, June 23, 2012,
 storm clouds gathered...

...but we decided to go forward and set up everything  on deck for the ceremony!!!

Guests began to arrive -
with their umbrellas - just in case!


But as Tamara and her Bridesmaids' limo arrived,
the clouds parted and the weather was picture perfect!!!

Guests gathered on deck 
for a pre-ceremony glass of wine.


There was a 40s Style Photo Op 
while the Bridal Party waited for the ceremony to begin!!!


Foz & Tamara took a tour of the reception site
before the guests arrived!!!

We Divas were thrilled when Foz & Tamara came to us
asking us to do their Wedding Planning & Directing,
Floral & Event Design,
Wedding Cake, &
And especially since they wanted a glamorous Old Hollywood design!!!

On the Cape Fear Riverfront property next to the ship,
the Wedding Reception was held under a white double peaked tent
with a white columned, red carpeted entrance!

Foz & Tamara's Wedding Cake
was a four tiered chocolate & vanilla buttercake
with raspberry filling, frosted in our signature Italian Buttercream.
The Art Deco cake design was created
with handmade sugarpaste and royal icing elements
 inspired by an Art Deco Chandelier we had seen!

 For this vintage Hollywood look, we used a color palette of
Black, White, Silver, and Orange -
incorporating the groom's favorite color!
Surrounding the dance floor, round tables for eight
with black chiavari chairs were covered with Silver Crinkle linens.

We created the floral designs with orange Asiatic Lilies,
orange Alstromeria, orange Calla Lilies,
white Calla Lilies, white Dendrobium Orchids,
and Fatsia leaves we had sprayed silver.

For a photo backdrop, we hung a black velvet curtain
 with a cascade of mirrored squares,
and framed it with vases of tall, willowy bamboo leaves.

The tablescapes were created with silver chargers,
mercury glass and Art Deco crystal vases and mercury glass votives.
The centerpieces on several tables included
classic white ostrich plumes in mercury glass trumpet vases
with silver hanging amaranthus.

For the tablescapes, we used silver chargers
with black napkins in a pocket fold,
in which we tucked in a large silver fatsia leaf
that we had sprayed silver.

The sun set and the lights of Historic Downtown Wilmington
could be seen across the Cape Fear River.
It was time to get the party started!!!

First dance to Etta James' "At Last."

Rebekah capturing on film
all the right moves...

as Jennifer leads the line dancing
 in all the right moves!!!

And this was just the beginning!!!...

In September,
we Divas got to bake another
 Special Event Cake -
this time for Tamara's Baby Shower!!!

From what Tamara told us about her active little one,
we knew she had a
"tiger in her tank."
So we designed the cake with a cute little DJ tiger,
in honor of his Daddy,
Radio DJ - Foz of Z107.5.
But this call sign was M for Maxim and 109.12 -
his due date,
October 9, 2012!

But Maxim decided to wait it out
until the perfect birth date...
10-11-12 !!!

Oh, Maxim is going to be trouble,
he had Three Divas crying
from Day One!!!

On our Wedding Wire site, Tamara & Foz wrote...

"On Monday June 23 I will be happily married for 2 years however it feels like yesterday . The divas have a way of making dreams come true !! With bright red lips, whole hearted smiles and a whimsical outlook these gals can do it all! The more of a challenge the more amazing the event .. Everyone is still talking about my Hollywood glam wedding . It was academy award winning . Just be careful these divas will also melt your heart and become a part of your family . Their passion is contagious!!"

And yes, this wonderful family has invited
our little family of five
to be family with them!!!

Thanksgiving 2012
Jennifer, Eve, Tamara, Maxim, Foz, Stephen,
Deborah and Rebekah

Christmas 2013
Eve, Maxim, Stephen
Jennifer, Deborah, Foz, Tamara, Rebekah
We love you Fosdicks!!!

To see the entire story of our year filming these wonderful events,

Photos by Belinda Keller Photography
Cake by The Three Divas
Floral & Event Design by The Three Divas
Planning & Directing by The Three Divas
Videography by The Three Divas
Venue - USS North Carolina Battleship - Wilmington

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