November 9, 2014

A Ballerina Bride Photo Shoot!!!

Photos by Lisa Brown - Bella Rose Photography

There is romantic,
and then there is Romantic!
And a Ballerina Bride is the stuff of young girls dreams!
So when we Divas and our Bella Rose
put our heads together to do a photo shoot...

Our model "Bride" is really a professional ballerina!
The vision for the Floral & Event Design for staging the shoot
began with our love for Cary Grant & Grace Kelly!!! ;););)
 So we designed this shoot with a thematic nod to
Grace Kelly in "To Catch A Thief" -
think Grace Kelly en pointe!!!

Location! Location! Location!
We may not be in the French Riviera,
 but you can hardly get more romantic than a grassy lawn,
beneath ancient Live Oaks, and 
set against the backdrop of the Intracoastal Waterway!!!

And to complete the staging,
we designed this theatrical Wedding Cake,
decorated with a magnificent white peacock
 we created from sugarpaste!

With the stage now set, we were ready to
let Lisa loose with her camera
to work her magic!!!

Like in "To Catch A Thief,"
our shoot ended with fireworks
(well, at least, sparklers!!! ;););)


And here are some of our "Behind the Scene" photos
 of the "reality" behind these gorgeous images!!!...

We were able to order these magnificent roses
from Ecuador!  They were so beautifully
perfect they don't look real in the photos!!!

To set up a shoot like this takes moving
a truck load of things... thank you Paula Corbett for letting us
invade your back yard for the day (& evening!!!)
(Deborah & Paula - The Bridesmaids!!!) 

Stage set!!!...

Bride dressed...
(a Diva request - apply more lipstick!!!)

 It is, as Lisa calls it, the "magic hour"...

...and the shoot begins!!!

Ever wonder how photographers get those fabulous shots?...
...Very carefully!!! ;););)

Deborah and Jan of aMuse

To style our Grace Kelly-esque Bride,
our first stop was to see Jan of aMuse
for the perfect vintage jewelry!
(Remember Grace sitting on the sofa
tempting Cary with her necklace,
fireworks exploding in the background - sigh!)
Jan you nailed it!!!

For seeing all the details,
any of these beautiful photos can be
enlarged on your screen
by simply "hitting" the image!


Thank you to our wonderful team!!!

Paula Corbett - for her gorgeous backyard!
Pomp - for their fabulous mirrored furniture
Balcony - for the wonderful curved sofa
aMuse - for the vintage jewelry
Amy Kennison - for the glamorous make-up
Jamie Warzell -  hair stylist
Lotus Lily - for your fabulous LOVE letters
Honorary Diva #1 - Heather Weeks
Photography assistant - Jill Stewart
and last, but not least,
 Lisa - for being an artist with a camera
and always perfectly capturing our work!!!


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November 3, 2014

New York Fashion Week!!! Filming for Style Me Perfect!!!

Rebekah's childhood friend, Carrie Collins Johnson
(second from right), Founder and Creative Director of the
personal styling & shopping service,
 "Style Me Perfect,"
assembled this fabulous team
to cover her New York Fashion Week experience!

The Diva/Bella Video/Photog 
team extraordinaire
en route to NYC!!!

Carrie & Lisa

Rebekah & Carrie

Even at 3 am 
these digs
looked great!!! 

Rebekah & Lisa 

Art Deco headboard, 
Velvet curtains 
& accessories,
"Yes, please!!! 

And this is the the view we woke up to!!!

Photos by Lisa Brown - Bella Rose Photography

Now, time to get to work!!! (Yes, we love what we do!!!)

Carrie's team included -
hair & make up artist -
Tricia Gulikers,
and her NYC stylist -
Haley Hoover!
Enis, (our model for the day), Tricia, Haley,
& Carrie (on the floor).

                         Hailing a cab! 
(something Rebekah has always wanted to do! ;)

...& off to Central Park 
for the photo shoot with the styled model!!!

The Diva/Bella Team in Action!!!
The Three Divas Videography - Bella Rose Photography

photos by Bella Rose Photography

Night shots!!!

...and now to celebrate the success of Day 1!!!

Brainstorming for Day 2!!!

Yes, Carrie got the coveted press pass for NYFW!

While waiting for the show,
Carrie got mobbed by paparazzi
and then makes it on E News!!!

Another night to celebrate!!!
Carrie's sister, Claire,
(who Rebekah describes as a "rock star!")
lives in NYC & is the Nanny for
celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian
who owns The Lambs Club -
so not only did we get in,
 we were treated like celebrities!!!

Lisa, Rebekah, Claire, Haley, Tricia, Carrie

And of course, the ubiquitous
bathroom fashion selfie! ;)

Memories that will be cherished
    for a lifetime!!!

And now, here are our VIDEOS of Carrie's entire NYFW!!!...

This is the Style Me Perfect commercial
from New York Fashion Week!

And these two Videos are examples of the latest from
The Three Divas Videography,
pre-recorded Video Ads
for Instagram!

Our goal is to make you want more!!!

Deborah, Rebekah, & Jennifer

Bella Rose Photography

The Three Divas Events
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