September 20, 2014

Videos Released!!! - Plus a Behind the Scenes look at our Video Production of the Killick Klassik with Shirley Ballas, Mark Ballas, & Derek Hough!!!

In August, Shirley Ballas invited us to film
Promotional Videos for the Killick Klassik, 
an international DanceSport Event
held at the Waldorf Astoria in Boca Raton, Florida
and featuring two special guests,
Mark Ballas and Derek Hough!

To kick things off, Shirley Ballas hosted
a private Meet & Greet with
Mark & Derek in a Waldorf penthouse!

Then on to film the interviews -
arranging flowers,
furniture &
and hair -
and we're ready
to shoot!!!

(oops! - best part is the blooper reel!!!)

Loved meeting Mark and Derek!
It was so fun to work with them
- they really are great guys!!!

Putting the camera on a "roller skate"
to get a fabulous shot of Yulia & Ferdinando's feet!
(Watch for it in the videos!)

Inspired, but we won't be ready to
compete by next year (or perhaps any year after)!!! ;););)

Then on to film all the competitions and events in the ballroom
with Mark and Derek
as guest judges...

...and performers!


In this Promotional Video above,
 we covered all the different aspects of this event
 in under two minutes!!!

And because we had so many great "behind the scenes" shots,
we decided to put together a video that presented
a fun & more casual view of the events!!!

And the above Video is set to two of Mark's original songs,
"Get My Name" & "Miss Incredible."


What a fabulous experience for us!!!
And you can read more about our time there 
in the blog below...

September 2, 2014

The Divas Road Trip to Boca - Filming the Killick Klassik DanceSport Event with Shirley Ballas, Mark Ballas, & Derek Hough!!!

In August we were invited to film promotional videos
for the Killick Klassik in Boca Raton, Florida
for Shirley Ballas!!!
Yes, THAT Shirley Ballas - World Latin Dance Champion 
& Dance Instructor to the Stars,
also known as
Mark Ballas and Derek Hough's mother!

We love a good road trip, and the 11 hour drive 
from Wilmington, NC to Boca Raton flew by 
as Jennifer prepared us for the task at hand 
by reading aloud from Derek's new book "Taking the Lead!" 
We needed it because, other than being loyal fans of 
"Dancing With The Stars,"
we were new to the glitz & glam world of 
Ballroom DanceSport Competition!!! 

photo credit - Mark's Facebook
photo credit - Shirley's Facebook
 Having read what Derek wrote about Shirley, 
by the time we arrived, we felt as though we already knew her! 
She was delightful to be with as we worked 
"behind the scenes" to cover her event!
Shirley is enthusiastic, authentic, encouraging, sassy - 
and a very proud mother!
 From the start, we knew we would get along fabulously!!! 

The Killick Klassik is held at the fabulous 
Waldorf Astoria Resort & Beach Club.

Though the Waldorf was completely booked,
we did find a place to lay our heads  
- with a not too shabby view from our balcony!!!
(You can see all the pink buildings 
of the Waldorf Resort in the background!)

And OUR hotel came with nightly
fresh baked chocolate chip cookies 
- and a very unique nook in the lobby
equipped with books for reading bedtime stories -
"Where the Wild Things Are" and "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" 
seemed like the obvious selections!!! ;););)

So in the land of Boca, where everyone is tan 
and wearing light, bright clothes, 
we Divas were quite the contrast -
being so white in black!!! ;););)

But we were feeling inspired - Strictly Ballroom -
this Dance Competition was pure elegance!!!

...BUT we did fit in with our Diva red lipstick!!! ;););) 

While shooting the "Behind-the-Scenes" footage, 
we got to know some of the people who work closely with Shirley.
Two of our favorites were Yulia Musikhina 
(who lived and trained with Shirley, and won the first Italian DWTS),
 and her husband and dance partner, Iannaccone Ferdinando.
To watch them dance - beauty in motion!
(You'll see what we mean when the Videos are posted!)

We got some great footage of Mark & Derek interacting
during the "Champagne Meet & Greet." 
(Can you spot Diva #1 hard at work in the background?!)
It was an intimate gathering for Q & A where things got real
- including Derek discovering he had a hole in his pants
and Mark responding with a subsequent rap about it!
(Again, wait until you see the Video!!! ;););)

photo credit - Mark's instagram

It was interesting to watch 
the friendship between Mark & Derek in action.
We saw 
a side of Mark that doesn't show as clearly on DWTS.
 He connects easily with people and has a dry sense of humor
 that plays off Derek's more serious side -
and that includes 
rolling his eyes at his bro
when he thinks Derek needs to lighten up!

Derek is a true showman,
leading the crowd, watching the big picture. 

Mark seems to have more of a musician's sensitivity, 
focusing on the smaller picture, the details,
and the individuals around him.

Derek & Mark are a great team
and it was fun to watch them work together.

They appear to be each others biggest fans, 

but with a sense of humor 
that seems to keep things 
in perspective in the midst of their celebrity.

This was an interesting dynamic for me (Diva #1) 
to watch as I had seen, 
as sisters, Rebekah (Diva #2) and Jennifer (Diva #3) 
share the same complimentary differences and teamship
that I believe I saw in Mark and Derek.


As we wrote in a previous blog post, 
we met Derek and Julianne 
when we attended their "Move Live on Tour" in Raleigh
- and we brought them a cake - photo proof above!

Well, not a happy ending for that cake... 
While we were interviewing Derek in Boca,
he told us as they drove away, their tour bus hit a bump
and that cake, in all its chocolate praline ganache glory, hit the floor!

It's a good thing we brought one to Florida 
 - at least Derek finally got a piece of a Diva cake!!!

So Julianne, we still owe you one!!! 
And since we hear you may be joining Mark and Derek
next year at the 2015 Killick Klassik,
maybe we'll have another chance to get your cake to you!!!


And yes, we took the time to sample the Waldorf cuisine!!!

And of course Rebekah had to try one of their

...and there was no passing up  dessert
with a beautifully "squiggled" Key Lime Pie
on the menu!!!


Another thing we love about being on a Road Trip
is striking up random conversations and getting to know new people! 
One morning while we were at breakfast 
in the huge Waldorf dining room, 
a beautiful young woman sat down alone at a table near ours.
We struck up a conversation about her gorgeous dress!
That afternoon, when we saw her again, 
 she was being asked by a young girl to do a selfie with her -
first hint that she was a celebrity of some sort!
So yes, we just asked,  "Should we know you?!!!" ;););)

Relatively new to Instagram, we didn't know that 
our new friend, Anna, though only 18, 
is a well known Fashion Blogger from Brazil 
and has over 750,000 followers -
including Kim Kardashian!
(The photo above shows that gorgeous dress 
that was responsible for our new friendship!!!)

We are now following Anna at it_girls
- and she is following us!!! 
(hey, we Instagram newbies are up to 144 followers!!!)

With Anna, we made one of those amazing
connections where you instantly
feel like you will be friends for life!

She started calling us her "Fairy Godmothers"
so we thought this pose would be very appropriate!!!

We met Anna's wonderful friends, 
and as we all hung out at the Killick Klassik,
they invited us to come stay with them in Brazil!!!
(Next Big Adventure? - checking Travelosity now!!! ;););)


Sunday morning we concluded our trip
the way we always do
with brunch -
this one featuring a Heart Topped Cappuccino
- the perfect finito to a wonderful experience!!!

Then we hit the road, looking forward to 
getting back home,
reviewing the hours & hours of footage
shot from all three of our cameras, 
 and creating Videos that capture the heart of the event, 
that relive great memories for those who attended, 
and that motivate others to join the fun next year!!!
Stay tuned!!! ;););) 

We Love What We Do!!!

The Divas
Deborah Place
Rebekah Hinkle
Jennifer Mattis
(910) 399-6276

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September 1, 2014

Partying Through The Night - A New Year's Eve Wedding Celebration!

all photos by Bella Rose Photography
It is always wonderful when we get to work with 
a Bride who is also a personal friend!
So when Jill asked us to do her
New Year's Eve Wedding,
we were thrilled!!!

As shown by her engagement ring,
Jill loves all things red
so a design theme of red, black, silver and bling
was perfect for her New Year's Eve Wedding Celebration!

The Bridal party was staying and getting dressed at
City Club, so the celebrating began there
with photos by Lisa Brown of Bella Rose Photography.
Lisa is a close friend of Jill's,
so the team of friends/vendors made it feel all the more fun!

The ceremony and reception were held at
St. Thomas Preservation Hall,
a landmark building located in the Historic District of
downtown Wilmington NC

Jill wanted to include silver sparkle and sequins 
 in the ceremony decor -
it was stunning!

Once the ceremony was concluded, 
and while guests enjoyed a cocktail hour,
we "flipped" the room,
setting it up with round tables, covered in black crinkle linens,
and chairs covered in black and tied with silver bows.

For the floral & event design, we used three different tablescape designs
using decor that included silver candelabras, 
white ostrich feather arrangements in mercury glass,
 mercury glass pillar candle holders,
decorative clocks, and other silver accessories,
with silver chargers and mercury glass votives.

The flowers we chose to create all of the
Bridal flowers and floral designs
were Bacara roses, Black Magic roses,
classic red roses, red spray roses, white roses,
red tulips, red anemones, red hypericum berries, 
plumosa and tree fern, and dusty miller. 

With the event design set,
it is time to bring in the cake!

It was so much fun to design a 
New Year's Eve Wedding Cake! 

We created a sugarpaste clock, set to near midnight,
black lace royal icing designs, and
topped it with red roses and red hypericum berries!

With everything in place,
we opened the doors to welcome the guests.  
The seating chart we created was silver with sequins
to compliment the decor theme.
As we love to say,
"It's all about the details,
and the sum of the whole!" 

 First Dance

Time to Party!!!

 And what fun that we got to change clothes,
put on our New Year's bling,
and join the party!!!

All The Divas & The Bellas
with our Bride!!!

What fun to have a BF who also
happens to be a fabulous photographer
so that we Divas & Bellas get to work and play together a lot!!!

And a sparkler farewell!!!

 And it was no surprise that this gorgeous
photo of Jill and Zan won a photo award for Lisa!

Rebekah (Diva #2), Deborah (Diva #1), Jennifer (Diva #3)



Photography - Bella Rose Photography

Planning, Directing - The Three Divas Events
Cake, Floral & Event Design - The Three Divas Events

DJ -  Active Entertainment     

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