February 1, 2015

Beyond Buttercream - The Saga of The Single Mom, Her Son, & The Pinewood Derby Race!

As a single mom, with a family of all women, signing my son, 
Stephen, up for Cub Scouts was a little daunting - 
in other words, I had no idea what I was in for!  
But because I just love the couple, Julie & Hoke Flynt, 
who are in charge of this "pack," I went for it!  

All was going great - and then, 
dum-dum-dum - the Pinewood Derby Race was announced!  
I had no idea what that even meant!  
When I understood it was about building a race car 
(not one you actually sit in! whew!), I was like...
"Oh, dear! I can do a mean Italian Buttercream, 
but aerodynamics?!...
me with saws, hammers and nails...oh my!"

But hey, isn't it all about the process and the fun of doing it together? 
I thought so - wasn't sure my young "manly man" would agree -
after all, doing this project with "Newbie Scout Mom" 
kind of ensured he wasn't going to win!  

But Stephen was all in for this adventure with Mom!
And we had so much fun doing this project together -
along with our Village which included 
Eve, Aunt Rebekah, Gran, our Heather,
and her team at Steven's Hardware!!!

Our little blond block of wood became a Derby Car,
painted green in honor of Stephen's newly acquired rank of 
1st degree Green Belt in Karate, 
and with the Chinese character his team agreed on -
 a word that describes him - Brave. 

The Big Day arrived - they counted down "3-2-1" 
and released the cars, 
our little car named "Brave" came wobbling down the ramp -
we hooped and hollered -
not because it won, but because it didn't derail!!! 

I am so glad Stephen had this experience -
I wanted him to identify feeling the fun and fulfillment 
of having collaborated on a project with a team - 
of having had, first and foremost,
a relational goal, not just the goal of winning.

During the event, I watched him sitting side by side
with his little comrades in arms,
cheering for them, congratulating them,
calm and content even when he didn't win,
and I knew we succeeded in our goal...
He is a friend first and a competitor second!

And next year, he will want to be the same
relational young man who leads a team...
BUT next time, his team, including his Mom, is
In It To Win It!
Isn't that what losing is also about - 
motivation to problem solve in order to win the next time!...
Guess that will be next year's lesson!

I love being a Mom!
and I love being a Diva!

We love what we do!!!

The Three Divas, Divette, & Divo
Deborah, Rebekah, Jennifer, Eve, & Stephen 

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