February 4, 2009

"Divas" Know How to Party!

Diva: ‘di-va, n. A woman of rare, outstanding talent. a. Fine lady.

In the last few months we have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful, interesting and creative women. So in December we thought it would be fun to “warm our new home” during the holiday season by having them over for a "Diva" Christmas Gift Exchange Party (i.e. a little friendly competition over gifts!) Everyone brought appetizers or wine and, of course, we provided a sampling of our Holiday Special Desserts.

"Dancing Divas Pajama Party"
Everyone had such a good time meeting new friends, that we were asked to do it again. So in January we threw a "Dancing Divas" pajama party! By then we had met even more "divas" to invite and more new desserts to try! These fellow "divas" are great taste testers!

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