February 3, 2009

Wine Tasting

In January, we participated in a Wine Tasting. We featured two of our cakes, a chocolate cake with Italian buttercream frosting, decorated with an architectural inspired design made of royal icing, and a coconut infused cake with fluffy frosting decorated with hand made sugarpaste calla lilies.

Deborah has created an innovative and unique approach to cake decorating by designing a pattern and, with royal icing, creating a sugar structure that she then places on top of the silky buttercream frosting. Here it is shown in an architectural inspired design.

We received rave reviews from the guests and our most appreciated response was when they kept coming back for more!

We love our job!!! And yes, we eat cake everyday, not only because of the necessity of taste testing, but also because we only sell desserts we can't live without ourselves!

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