September 20, 2014

Videos Released!!! - Plus a Behind the Scenes look at our Video Production of the Killick Klassik with Shirley Ballas, Mark Ballas, & Derek Hough!!!

In August, Shirley Ballas invited us to film
Promotional Videos for the Killick Klassik, 
an international DanceSport Event
held at the Waldorf Astoria in Boca Raton, Florida
and featuring two special guests,
Mark Ballas and Derek Hough!

To kick things off, Shirley Ballas hosted
a private Meet & Greet with
Mark & Derek in a Waldorf penthouse!

Then we're off to film the interviews -
but first,
arrange flowers,
furniture &
and hair -
and we're ready
to shoot!!!

(oops! - best part is the blooper reel!!!)

Loved meeting Mark and Derek!
It was so fun to work with them
- they really are great guys!!!

Putting the camera on a "roller skate"
to get a fabulous shot of Yulia & Ferdinando's feet!
(Watch for it in the videos!)

Inspired, but we won't be ready to
compete by next year (or perhaps any year after)!!! ;););)

Then on to film all the competitions and events in the ballroom
with Mark and Derek
as guest judges...

...and performers!


In this Promotional Video above,
 we covered all the different aspects of this event
 in under two minutes!!!

And because we had so many great "behind the scenes" shots,
we decided to put together a video that presented
a fun & more casual view of the events!!!

And the above Video is set to two of Mark's original songs,
"Get My Name" & "Miss Incredible."


What a fabulous experience for us!!!
And you can read more about our time there 
in the blog below...

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