August 7, 2014

We Believe In The Power of a Party!!!

You know the old saying about the cobbler's children having no shoes...
well, we are in the Party Planning business, 
and are convinced there can be some really 
powerful results from having a party, 
so from early on, we decided, unlike ye ole cobbler,
 we needed to plan a few Parties of our own -
Diva Style!!! 

So our "Bachelorette" inspired 
"Will You Accept This Rose?" party was created!!!

To create the environment and set the mood, 
we had to prove we could decorate in the style
 "Cheesy Romantic" 
just as successfully as our SoCal counterparts!!! 

But we changed the dress code from bikinis to
PJs - of the flannel variety.

Honorary Diva # 1, Heather,
ensured that even our wine bottle 
followed dress code!!!

And why dream of diamonds for just one bachelorette!!!

After playing our traditional "Cheesy Party Game,"
(compliments of Diva #2, Rebekah) 
 where each woman wrote down her celebrity crush,
& then everyone guessed which gal chose which celebrity,
EVERY WOMAN GOT A ROSE from the celebrity of her dreams
- at least in her imagination!!! 
(Diva #3, Jennifer, got really excited about that!!!)

Then it was time to reapply lipstick
for the Official Photo Shoot!!!

Mrs. Ryan Gosling

Mrs. Gerard Butler

(nothing like having a friend,
Lisa Brown, who is a 
world class photographer, 
bring along her camera!!!)

Mrs. George Clooney

Mrs. Ricky Martin

Mrs. Tom Selleck

Mrs. Derek Hough
Mrs. Brad Pitt

Mrs. Channing Tatum
Mrs. Paul Newman

Mrs. Justin Timberlake

The Official Unnecessary Final Rose Ceremony!!!

...and if the photo coverage above is not enough,
below is a Video of this,
The most dramatic, most heart stopping, most unexpected
and most sensational, Bachelorette season finale yet,
 & ever will be...


Until next year - keep dreaming!!!


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