June 22, 2014

Wedding Planning & Beyond!!! - Part I - "Just be careful these Divas will melt your heart and become a part of your family." - Foz & Tamara

We recently received this Review on Wedding Wire from this very special Bride & Groom of ours...

"On Monday June 23 I will be happily married for 2 years however it feels like yesterday . The divas have a way of making dreams come true !! With bright red lips, whole hearted smiles and a whimsical outlook these gals can do it all! The more of a challenge the more amazing the event .. Everyone is still talking about my Hollywood glam wedding . It was academy award winning . Just be careful these divas will also melt your heart and become a part of your family . Their passion is contagious!!" 

When meeting with a Bride & Groom for the first time, we never know what is ahead ...but with Foz & Tamara...well, we really have to start back with a radio interview we did with Foz, long before Tamara was in the picture...

Foz is a local radio DJ celebrity who interviewed us
in 2008 when we started our business as
"The Dessert Divas."

And who knew that the radio interview would be 
the beginning of a wonderful friendship & working relationship 
which included Rebekah & Jennifer MCing with Foz 
for some fashion/wedding events around Wilmington!!! 

 So we were thrilled when Foz called with the news he was engaged
and asked us to help them with their wedding!!!

We fell in love with Tamara from Day One!

And from that very first planning meeting - which included 
Tamara's mother, Val, and Foz's mother & brother, Patty & Jeff, 
we knew we were in for a great time!!!
(And it didn't take us long to win over Val, despite the fact that 
when Tamara asked her to attend the meeting with
"The Divas," her response was, "Divas, my ass"!!!  
We have been laughing about that ever since!!! ;););)

photo by Belinda Keller Photography
So from that day on, with Video cameras in hand,
we Divas became a fixture at every special event 
in Foz & Tamara's lives, 
beginning with their engagement photo shoot ...

photo by Belinda Keller Photography

...to what was a very happy "cart before the horse" event...
their Baby Gender Reveal Party!!!...

 to watch this video as Foz & Tamara find out exactly 
who was on the way - "Maxim" or  "Misha Jo" !!!

...and as the Wedding Planning continued...

...the meetings got even more fun as we discovered - Foz is a great chef!!!
One meeting resulted in this "Top Omelette Chef" competition
between Foz & Rebekah!!!
CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE to see who won!!!

In the midst of all the fun, we did get some Wedding planning done!!!
Foz & Tamara wanted to have a glamorous Hollywood style Wedding 
with the Ceremony to be on the USS North Carolina Battleship, 
where Foz proposed to Tamara,
and their Wedding Reception to be held under a double peaked tent
on the Cape Fear River front property next to the ship.

photo by Belinda Keller Photography

This is the sugar paste Battleship we created to top
their Rehearsal Dinner Cake, 
including a tiny table set for a gourmet meal
just like when Foz proposed!

photo by Belinda Keller Photography

...Stay Tuned for Part II
Foz & Tamara's glamorous Hollywood Style Wedding!!!

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Deborah Place, Rebekah Hinkle & Jennifer Mattis

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