November 15, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Cakes!

Wedding Cake for Olivia & Drew
Raleigh, NC
Because of this couple's interest in film, their Old Hollywood Film themed reception was held at the Venture IMAX Theatre in downtown Raleigh, NC.
Their wedding cake, chocolate and vanilla cake
with Italian buttercream frosting,
was designed after the MGM logo and
decorated with sugarpaste appliques and "film strips."

"Goin down the highway---lookin for adventure!"...
With life as it is in our wonderful laid back beach town of Wilmington, we haven't gone over 55mph for any stretch in months!  You can imagine our thrill---Road Trip!!!--and we hit 80mph for miles! Also, we were so thrilled to see fall trees (which we don't see in Wilmington), that we documented the experience!  The wedding cake traveled in style, each part in its own special box, surrounded by dry ice!

Hours before the reception, the cake was assembled and decorated on site.  After getting to know a couple, Deborah envisions the design for their cake, sketches it on architectural paper, and then sends it to the Bride for her approval.  Olivia & Drew's sketch was passed on to friends and family, so by the time we arrived in Raleigh, there was great anticipation to see the sketch come into reality!  

Ready for the Party to Begin!


Another highlight of our trip was being able to stay with our friends and favorite photography team,
Isabelle, Laura & Lisa of Bella Rose Photography!

Our next wedding cakes traveled to  
Bald Head Island, NC

Bald Head Island is one of our favorite wedding destination locations.
A one hour road trip from Wilmington and then a 20 minute ferry ride, this beautiful and romantic area has a "Martha's Vineyard" feel, a perfect location for a wedding!

(which we refer to as our "yacht trip!")

 Wedding Cake for Kelli & Nik
of Chicago, IL
Reception at Bald Head Island Club

 After meeting with Kelli & Nik and seeing the wedding invitations they designed and made,
Deborah created the design for their wedding cake from their invitations!

 Our favorite Event Coordinator, Lindsey Cheek of Bald Head Island Club!

Ready for the Reception to begin!...

The Sisterhood Team for the weekend,
The Dessert Divas with 
Anne, of Anne McGowan Photography
and Lindsey Cheek of BHI Club


Wedding Cake for Sarah Anne and Justin


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