June 30, 2009

Mother's Day

May is a month that is associated with Mothers. So you can imagine how thrilled we were when "Focus On The Coast," one of our favorite Wilmington magazines, asked us to be a part of a feature article about mothers in business with their children!

The Dessert Divas
by Jennifer-Jon Choate

Divas. Webster's defines the word as a successful woman performer or a singer. But, the dynamic trio of "baking divas," including mother, Deborah Place, and her two daughters, Rebekah Hinkle and Jennifer Mattis, better known as, The Dessert Divas, are anything but prima donnas or divas. With desserts ranging from a Margarita Cake, created with tequila and lime, to a Praline and Chocolate Ganache Cake, The Dessert Divas create designer confections that are crowd-pleasing and help make any event special.
"We work best together as a unit and we are a fabulous team, but we each have our own specialty," Hinkle explains. Though some people find it hard to believe that a mother and two daughters could actually like working together, these women believe their business has allowed them the opportunity to become closer and tighter knit while baking, designing and planning in their kitchen.
Training her girls to bake and be entrepreneurs, Place instilled in both her daughters a strong work ethic that occasionally includes working until the wee hours of the morning or throwing out a completed cake and starting again from scratch. This amazing trio of mother and daughters have banded together with a deep loyalty to each other that is as distinctive and special as their cakes. This unity of mind and heart has created a business that delivers quality and originality. In fact, no two cakes are ever the same. With a commitment to each other and to their growing dessert business, these "divas" are sure to shine.

photo by Brownie Harris

Cakes to celebrate Mothers...

at every stage and at every age!

photo by Lisa Brown of Bella Rose Photography

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