March 4, 2009

"Designer Desserts"

We love designing cakes for Special Events! It makes us so happy to see the expression on the face of the person who receives one of these cakes designed especially for them!

"Heaven Sent"

This vanilla "baby carriage" cake was embellished with a royal icing tiara design and was set on a coconut cake covered with a fluffy "cloud like" frosting.

"OTH--That's A Wrap!"

One morning there was a knock on our door--"One Tree Hill" had come knocking! They were filming across the street and that night we were able to take this chocolate cake with Italian mint buttercream frosting for the cast & crew after the daily wrap. (For you "OTH" fans, our home is two blocks from "Karen's house," and a couple of minutes from "Karen's Cafe" which is now Brooke's "Clothes over Bros!")

"High Stepper"

This "Arabian horse" cake was designed for a young equestrian. Brittany couldn't stop giving us hugs when we delivered it to her birthday party! Oh how we love the rewards of this job!

"Have A Wonderful Weekend!"

Our special event cakes can be designed for parties of two as well as 200! This 6" round made some one's weekend a little more special!

"Ali's Princess"

Each of our tiaras are a "one of a kind," designed and created just for each special princess!

"Couture Cakes"-- High Fashion in Sugar

Have a desire for some new "bling," a Harry Winston "knock off," perhaps a new handbag inspired by Kate Spade, heels to match--Look no further, our couture designs are definitely within your reach!

For our friend Claire, the owner of "Encore," we designed a cake that replicated the logo of her boutique.

EVERYONE LOVES A "MINI CAKE"--better known as

These cupcakes were ordered as gifts to be delivered to special clients. Our "Cupcake Bouquets" were received with "oohs & aahs!"

Our Favorite Flavors

We only sell desserts that we Divas can't do without ourselves! And here are some of our favorite flavors...

We once had a fine dining restaurant and were known for our "Praline & Chocolate Ganache Cake." We are pleased to be able to make this delicious dessert available once again!

Our Coconut Cake is a favorite because it is made with a coconut milk infusion.

"The Margarita"
This cake, made with lime juice and liqueur, has just enough "kick" to be a real hit at any party!


Praline & Chocolate Ganache
Vanilla Buttercake
Chocolate Buttercake
Hawaiian--with coconut & pineapple
Zesty Lemon
Coffee Chocolate
Chocolate Mint

After writing about all of this we Divas are going to eat some cake!

If you want to join us, call (910) 399-6276 or (910) 599-1290 or Email us at and we will deliver a cake to you ASAP!!!!